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Moisturizers labeled ‘hypoallergenic’ may still have toxic chemicals

We know advertisers aren’t always the most truthful in the ways they advertise their products and services to us. And based on a new study, it seems as though products labeled “hypoallergenic” should fall into the category of terms you don’t always just assume are accurate. Researchers tested some of the best-selling moisturizers sold by Amazon, Target, and Walmart for the accuracy of their hypoallergenic claim.

The results were very concerning. According to their report, “Only 21, or 12 percent, of the 174 individual products tested were free of allergens…” Products were found to contain chemicals such as parabens and tocopherol. These are chemicals that can actually “worsen skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.” Dr. Steve Xu, the lead author of the study made his thoughts on the findings clear, “Ultimately, there is no such thing as a zero-risk cosmetic product…” The cost of moisturizers labeled “hypoallergenic” is another concern. Products listed as “phthalate free” on average cost .79 cents more than those without the designation.

Moisturizers are used by individuals with skin conditions because they can help to “retain moisture in the skin, reduce inflammation, help prevent infection, are widely available and can be more affordable than prescription skin remedies.”

While this news can be disconcerting, researchers tend to agree, the best way to avoid paying extra for products that aren’t actually “hypoallergenic” is to make sure you’re purchasing products that have as few ingredients as possible.

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