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Majority of FDA food inspections halted during government shutdown

We’ve now reached Day 20 of the Federal Government Shutdown. As the impasse between Democrats and Republicans continues, some very important government programs have been temporarily halted. One of the programs? The U. S. Food and Drug Administration’s domestic food inspections.

According to the FDA, “routine domestic food inspections” have ceased while the government is shutdown. The United States Congress pays for roughly 40 percent of the costs associated with the inspections, while the other 60 percent is covered by “user fees”. So while the government is shutdown, nearly 700 routine food inspections per month will be missed. The Washington Post was told by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that a plan is being put in place to “resume inspections of facilities that are deemed 'high-risk'." Unclean conditions, bug infestations, and harmful contamination. That’s what these government funded inspections are designed to catch.

It’s important to note that while “routine domestic food inspections” are temporarily halted, according to The Hill, “FDA is still reportedly inspecting foreign manufacturers and producers involved in recalls or outbreaks.”

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