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Is Your Popcorn Laced With Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals?

Your family’s favorite film, movie candy, a few sodas, and a giant bowl of hormone-disrupting chemicals. Wait, what?! If you’re not popping “toxic-free” popcorn at home, “hormone-disrupting chemicals” could be exactly what you’re serving during your next movie night.

The Center for Environmental Health, aka CEH, tested popcorn from bags sold in Dollar Stores. CEH’s research found that “every single bag that was independently tested contained toxic per- or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).” PFASs are toxins commonly associated with developmental problems, hormone disruption, organ damage, and other serious conditions. What’s probably most concerning about these findings is that lower income families, especially those with children, stand to be those most affected by toxic popcorn. The dangers of hidden toxins aren’t limited to Dollar Store popcorn, as PFCs (closely related to PFASs) can be found in common items such as “furniture, carpet, carpet cleaners, textiles, floor waxes and outdoor apparel.” In fact, a 2017 study by the same researchers found that “38 percent of the cans tested from Dollar Stores contained the hazardous chemical BPA, another hormone disruptor.”

CEH and numerous consumer advocacy groups are asking the Dollar Store to ensure they use only toxic-free products in their stores going forward. In the meantime, they’d like to see them sell popcorn kernels instead of bagged popcorn. If you’d like a safe alternative to potentially toxic popcorn follow the link below on how to pop your own toxic-free popcorn.

For a how-to video on popping your own toxic-free popcorn, click here:

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