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Homemade slime leads to sticky situation

“But mom, everyone’s doing it!” We’ve all heard it, heck, we’ve said it ourselves. The desire to partake in the same fun and exciting activities as other kids is a tale as old as time. Though when you’re a creative and intelligent teen your ingenuity can sometimes get the best of you. That was the case for one 16 year old in the UK over the summer. Jessica Moreland of Newcastle, unfortunately got more than she bargained for when she created jarfuls of ooey, gooey, homemade slime. Unbeknownst to her and her family, she put her health at serious risk.

The teen purchased the items needed to create the homemade slime from the internet. The directions called for glue, shaving foam, and borax. These ingredients were “advertised as a cheaper alternative to saline solution in slime recipes.” Jessica was forced to miss a week of school when she began suffering from a cough, drowsiness, and breathlessness. Even after she stopped creating the slime she still experienced “nausea, sickness, lung irritation, dizziness and headaches for around three more weeks.”

A study conducted after Jessica’s scary situation, found that 8 of 11 products tested “had above the recommended levels of boron.” Jessica’s family is calling for an age restriction on the dangerous chemicals used. And the teen wants other children and parents to know just how dangerous creating homemade slime can be stating, “I’m never going to be making it again now. I’m worried about other kids. If kids are around it all the time, it could be really dangerous.” Jessica has made it clear to her family and doctors that she’s not going to put herself in the same situation again, and she wants other kids to know how dangerous something that seems so harmless can be.

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