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FDA seeks to aid consumers by providing names of retailers during recalls

When there’s a chance a food or drug could result in “serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals", as well as when the product packaging may make it difficult to determine if it’s part of the recall; the Food and Drug Administration would like to include the name of retailers to make things easier for consumers to understand.

Presently when the FDA recalls products, they work in conjunction with manufacturers to inform consumers. Manufactures are often required encouraged to provide “photos of labels, product descriptions, lot numbers and distribution details, such as the areas of the country where the affected food is sold.” According to the FDA, the reason retailer information wasn’t provided in years past was to protect manufacturer and retailer relationships. And this process isn’t necessarily an easy one. As FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb explains, "Identifying retail locations can be complex… It can involve obtaining information from multiple parts of the supply chain, including the recalling company and intermediate distributors.”

Gottlieb also knows though that “this information can be very important to consumers." If a family knows they shop exclusively at only a handful of retailers, and their retailers are included in the recall, it could make it easier for them to determine if their products have been recalled. When you’re talking about nearly 50 million food-borne illnesses a year across the country, arming consumers with as much information as possible becomes extremely important.

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