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Fall toxins poisonous to dogs and cats

Fall is really the perfect season to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with our furry friends. The cooler temps, the changing colors of the leaves, and the early morning sun rise all add to up to an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with our pets. Unfortunately, fall also brings about the possibility of exposing dogs and cats to some potentially dangerous toxins. Below are a couple of those toxins, and the issues they could bring about.

Cold and Flu Medications: The medications we take to stave off those fall and winter colds can be of great concern if our pets get ahold of them. “Acetaminophen can cause liver failure in pets and damage red blood cells, and decongestants can cause elevated heart rates and blood pressure, leading to seizures.”

Chocolate: As much fun as it is to see our little ones dressed up in their favorite costume with bags full of candy, the chocolate they consume over the next few weeks (please not all in one night) could lead to “weakness, lethargy, difficulty breathing, vomiting and even seizures.” In some rare cases, the consumption of chocolate could even lead to death.

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