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Do You Live Near Toxic Waste? See 1,317 of the Most Polluted Spots in the U.S. has put together a very helpful new tool. They have created a map of the United States that allows you to view each individual Superfund site in across the nation. The sites come from the Superfund List, a list that “contains the worst of toxic sites in the U.S.” There are more than 1,300 Superfund sites across the 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was charged with creating the Superfund program in the 1980s. Highly populated areas often contain the most Superfund sites. For example: “New Jersey — the densest state by population — has more toxic sites than any other state in the country, at 114, with California and Pennsylvania close behind.” While finding a nearby location of a Superfund site shouldn’t’ be an immediate cause for concern, it’s important for the EPA to be forthright with the information.

Follow this link and use the embedded tool to see which Superfund sites are near your home, office, or school: