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Chemical bracelet detects toxic, banned substances

It’s 2015, and companies across the world have made great strides in technology. Many of us carry phones in our pocket that can be used to check sports scores, bank accounts, as well as send pictures and videos. We can speak to wireless speakers asking them to play our favorite song or how many pints are in a quart. And now, thanks to a new breakthrough, we can detect the chemicals we come in contact with simply by wearing a special bracelet. While the new piece of technology doesn’t “show where the chemicals came from, or the concentration at which we were exposed” it does give us an idea as to what chemicals we are exposed to during the week. One participant of a study did everything she could to avoid harmful chemicals, and scientists discovered that after a week she had come in contact with 19 different chemicals. The toxic chemicals included pesticides as well as personal care products. While technology such as this isn’t ready to be released to the public, it shows just how many harmful toxins are unavoidable today.

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