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Breakstone Cottage Cheese recall issued due to “foreign material”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a voluntary recall of select varieties of Breakstone Cottage Cheese due to the potential presence of foreign material. Pieces of red plastic and metal “may have been introduced during production” of 3 varieties of Breakstone’s cottage cheese.

The FDA and Breakstone were alerted to the issue when a consumer reported their findings, and so far half a dozen consumer complaints have been lodged. Fortunately, so far there have been no reported illnesses or injuries due to the contamination. The foreign materials pose a serious risk to consumers. In the FDA’s recall, they note the foreign materials “could cause injury to teeth, mouth, throat, stomach or intestine tissues if swallowed.”

Recalled Products:

16oz Breakstone's 2% Milkfat Lowfat Large Curd Cottage Cheese UPC 0 21000 30053 2

24oz Breakstone's 4% Milkfat Large Curd Cottage Cheese UPC 0 21000 12285 1

24oz Breakstone's 4% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese UPC 0 21000 12284 4

The recall covers nearly 10,00 cases of Breakstone Cottage Cheese, but so far there are no recalls for Breakstone products other than those listed above. If you believe you’ve purchased the recalled products, do not consume them. They should be returned to your retailer for an exchange or refund.

For the FDA’s full recall release, click here: