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A diet soda a day might affect dementia risk, study suggests

As more and more research is done on the ingredients we ingest, Americans are becoming choosier when it comes to the types of beverages they put into their bodies. For many Americans, sugary sodas are out…and diet sodas are in. Many of the diet sodas on the market provide a similar taste to the real thing, and often pack the same amount of caffeine. A growing concern for experts and consumers alike though is the use of artificial sweeteners. A lot of research has been done on the effect of artificial sweeteners on our bodies, and more research needs to be done. A recent study has done some “hypothesis-generating” that considers the idea that artificial sweeteners increase the likelihood of dementia or a stroke by as much as 3 times for those drinking artificially sweetened drinks. The researchers are quick to point out they are not saying they have found a like between artificial sweeteners and dementia, instead the study’s lead author Dr. Matthew Pase says, “The jury is still out, and this just shows people need to be cautious…” While work remains to be done on just how bad artificial sweeteners are for us - one thing is clear – you should NOT switch back to sugary drinks.

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