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Tips for a Lush, Organic Lawn

We’re now a little more than two weeks into the spring season. It’s a great time for family bike rides, a picnic at the park, or planting fresh flowers in your home garden. In fact, spring is one of the most popular… Continue Reading

Top ten pet toxins of 2014 from ASPCA

Spring is the perfect season for families to spend some real quality time together. And for many of us our pets are just like family. So it’s important we do what we can to keep our pets safe from potentially dangerous chemicals,… Continue Reading

How to Detox Your Home

Spring is of course the season of cleaning, but for many it’s also the season of home detoxing. Home detoxing is of course the act of ridding your home of potentially harmful chemicals that have been brought inside throughout the year. Presently… Continue Reading

Easter season favorites aren’t pets’ best friends

Easter is just around the corner. That means soon many parents and children will be filling Easter baskets full of fake green grass and dyed eggs, planting fresh Easter lilies in their home gardens, and consuming more chocolate than any doctor would… Continue Reading

The bizarre way the U.S. regulates chemicals…

Since 1976 the United States has tried to protect Americans from potentially harmful chemicals with regulation known as the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The intention of our government was of course to use the act to protect the public from hazardous… Continue Reading

Is Autism Caused by Home Toxins?

The birth of a child is supposed to be an exciting joy filled experience, but too often these days’ parents have to worry about the health of their child. Extreme caution is taken to ensure a happy, healthy baby is born. Mothers… Continue Reading

Common household chemical may cause insulin resistance, obesity, and type 2 diabetes

Americans are becoming more and more aware the negative effects obesity can have on our daily lives. Obesity has been linked to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and even various forms of cancer. These concerns have led to many Americans taking… Continue Reading

What Are We Doing to Our Children’s Brains?

For years now parents have had to worry about the types of chemicals present in the toys our children play with, the harmful toxins in the cleaning products used in our homes, and even some of the medications given to our little… Continue Reading

Study says some chain dollar stores sell products made with toxic chemicals

A recent study released by Campaign for Healthier Solutions has created some serious concerns for Americans who shop at discount stores such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc. The report shows that the stores are in the business of selling… Continue Reading

Beauty Products May Trigger Early Menopause

Many Americans today are more aware than ever of the potentially harmful effects toxic chemicals can have on our bodies. For years, scientists have found links between harmful chemicals and brain disorders, lung damage, and even cancer and birth defects. And many… Continue Reading

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