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Toxin’s in your pet’s food?

Is your family one of the many that attempts to save money by purchasing off brand pet foods? There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a few extra bucks, but a new report suggests that could come at the cost of your… Continue Reading

Death Wish Cold Brew Coffee Is Being Recalled for Potentially Being Deadly

“You must have a death wish.” This common refrain would be accurate if you’re a fan of Death Wish Coffee. The beverage known for having more caffeine in a single cup than most Americans should consume in a single day, now comes… Continue Reading

Tattoo Ink May Stain Your Lymph Nodes

For many years, the biggest concern with getting a tattoo was whether society might view you differently…and of course whether you may regret the tattoo as time went on. Now comes news that society and your pride may not be the biggest… Continue Reading