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Supplement Makers Brace for Federal GMO Labeling

Sometimes a law is created to answer the tough questions, take a bold new stance, or even simply to close loopholes in existing laws. And sometimes a law is created that actually raises more questions than it answers. The federal GMO (genetically… Continue Reading

Household dust is laced with toxic chemicals, study finds

A first of its kind new study has found that not only is dust the sign of a home that’s missed a cleaning or two, it’s also potentially harmful to our health. The newest concerns with dust go far beyond sneezing. The… Continue Reading

FDA stops sale of some antibacterial hand and body wash products

While antibacterial products aren’t going away, the FDA is finally taking steps to ensure they’re safer than they’ve ever been. It was announced last week that the United States Food and Drug Administration will no longer allow 19 different ingredients, including Triclosan, to… Continue Reading