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This Ingredient Looks Scary - But Has Some Pretty Great Uses

Activated charcoal is listed as one of our Green Light Ingredients. It’s an ingredient that’s used in personal care products, cosmetics, and some household cleaning products. Activated charcoal is charcoal “that’s been mixed with oxygen to become especially absorbent…” Its use… Continue Reading

Schumer warns against toxic chemicals in Halloween makeup

Halloween is an exciting holiday for many families, especially children. We all remember getting dressed up in our favorite costumes, trick-or-treating, and attending Halloween parties. But today there are serious concerns about some of the products used for kids’ costumes, specifically the… Continue Reading

Fracking Chemicals May Mess With Hormones, Lower Sperm Counts

A new study has linked issues with long-term reproductive health to chemicals used during “oil and natural gas production, including fracking.” Fracking is a process by which “companies use a mix of pressurized water, sand and chemicals to unlock hydrocarbon reserves deep in… Continue Reading

A $60 billion industry is shockingly unregulated

In the United States, FDA is in charge of overseeing cosmetics. Unfortunately, unlike prescription drugs, their oversight is minimal. Prescription drugs require FDA approval before they can be sold; no such law exists for cosmetics. The only way cosmetics are inspected by… Continue Reading

How to Make the Baby Nursery a Toxin-Free Haven in Your Home

Bringing a newborn home from the hospital for the first time should be a wonderful experience. Today though, that special event could be a dangerous one if you haven’t properly prepared the home for their arrival. A nursery is where many infants… Continue Reading

Rhode Island senator wants to strengthen toxic chemicals law

Though new regulations have been difficult to get passed, at least on politician is taking a stand. Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is pushing for a new bill that would “update and strengthen the [Toxic Substances Control Act] act.” Currently the act… Continue Reading

Links between health problems and endocrine-disrupting chemicals now stronger, statement argues

A new study by the Endocrine Society, suggests that “even minute doses” of hormone-disrupting chemicals can interfere with the activity of natural hormones. The idea that just minute doses of these chemicals leading to sever health problems is a scary one. Previous… Continue Reading