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Stronger Regulation of Toxic Chemicals

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 has long been thought of as “notoriously week”. The act is meant to help control the toxic chemicals consumers are exposed to. Unfortunately there are thousands of chemicals that go unchecked by the E.P.A. each… Continue Reading

EPA Issues Health Advisories to Protect Americans from Algal Toxins in Drinking Water

While in the last 20 years or so, bottled water has become the go-to choice for drinking water in America, tap water is still used in many of our daily lives. We use it to make tea, coffee, and low-calorie beverages. But… Continue Reading

Scientists: Common chemicals in pizza boxes, backpacks may cause cancer

Americans love pizza, like really love it. In fact, according to recent surveys 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly, and 93% of us have eaten pizza in the last month. But a new study shows that consuming pizza could put our health… Continue Reading