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Fish toxins at lowest levels in decades

For years, pollutants in our oceans and the fish that inhabit have been a concern for Americans. Everything from mercury levels, to DDT, and other toxins have been at the forefront of environmentalists and consumers’ minds. According to a recent report… Continue Reading

Reminder: Don’t eat the snow, it’s full of toxins

While the end of winter approaches, snowfall continues in many parts of the country. And for many children, each time they get to play in the snow, they play like it may be their last time. Whether they’re building snowmen, snowballs, or… Continue Reading

Honey could be making us sick due to contamination with liver-harming toxins, study suggests

But there's no need to panic.

Honey. We love it on our biscuits. We love it in our tea. Sometimes we just love to dip the tip of our fingers in the jar for a little taste. But a new study has… Continue Reading

Toxic reality facing the poor, Americans of color

As we celebrate Black History Month throughout February, this story focuses on the harsh realities African Americans and the poor face when it comes to deadly toxins. A new study by the Center for Effective Government found that African Americans are “almost… Continue Reading

Hookah Smoke Contains More Toxins Than Cigarette Smoke

While cigarette use among millennials is declining, smoking tobacco through hookahs and e-cigarettes is increasing. The belief of younger smokers is that not only are hookahs and e-cigarettes more hip, they’re also healthier. Well a new study shows that may not… Continue Reading

Ordering Pizza? Chemicals in the Pizza Box are not Safe, says FDA

Mmmm… pizza. You love it, I love it, we all love it. But according to the FDA, when we pick up our pizza or have it delivered, the box it comes in may contain toxic chemicals. The toxins are considered so harmful,… Continue Reading

Toxic chemical discovered in San Francisco’s fog

While the fog that often blankets the city of San Francisco is considered by many part of the city’s charm, some scientists now believe it may also be toxic. Recent studies show that as the fog moves in, it leaves behind a… Continue Reading

Five Fantastic Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

We’ve spoken before about the health benefits of coconut oil, and some of the products you can find it in. Now from comes an article with five uses for organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil can be used when brushing your… Continue Reading

Toxic Chemicals May Weaken Infants’ Response to TB Vaccine

The creation of the tuberculosis (TB) vaccine is just one of many great stride scientists have made in the medical research community. The ability to provide adults and children with this important vaccine has saved countless lives. But new studies show that… Continue Reading

Babies exposed to cigarette toxins via invisible residue

Over the past few years, the ability to smoke inside buildings throughout the United States has been largely reduced. States such as Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania have eliminated smoking indoors in the majority of businesses. These new laws have made it easier… Continue Reading

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