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Hookah Smoke Contains More Toxins Than Cigarette Smoke

While cigarette use among millennials is declining, smoking tobacco through hookahs and e-cigarettes is increasing. The belief of younger smokers is that not only are hookahs and e-cigarettes more hip, they’re also healthier. Well a new study shows that may not… Continue Reading

Ordering Pizza? Chemicals in the Pizza Box are not Safe, says FDA

Mmmm… pizza. You love it, I love it, we all love it. But according to the FDA, when we pick up our pizza or have it delivered, the box it comes in may contain toxic chemicals. The toxins are considered so harmful,… Continue Reading

Toxic chemical discovered in San Francisco’s fog

While the fog that often blankets the city of San Francisco is considered by many part of the city’s charm, some scientists now believe it may also be toxic. Recent studies show that as the fog moves in, it leaves behind a… Continue Reading

Five Fantastic Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

We’ve spoken before about the health benefits of coconut oil, and some of the products you can find it in. Now from comes an article with five uses for organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil can be used when brushing your… Continue Reading

Toxic Chemicals May Weaken Infants’ Response to TB Vaccine

The creation of the tuberculosis (TB) vaccine is just one of many great stride scientists have made in the medical research community. The ability to provide adults and children with this important vaccine has saved countless lives. But new studies show that… Continue Reading

Babies exposed to cigarette toxins via invisible residue

Over the past few years, the ability to smoke inside buildings throughout the United States has been largely reduced. States such as Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania have eliminated smoking indoors in the majority of businesses. These new laws have made it easier… Continue Reading

Most cancer cases due to lifestyle choices, not ‘bad luck’, study suggests

The diagnosis of cancer in any individual brings about a scary and difficult time for not only the persons diagnosed, but their loved ones. It’s the kind of news no family wants to receive. When the diagnosis has been confirmed, it’s often… Continue Reading

Congress OKs bill banning plastic microbeads in skin care products

It would appear as though the fight against microbeads in our personal care products is almost over. The United States Congress just approved legislation that would result in the phasing out of all plastic microbeads beginning in 2017. Plastic microbeads are used… Continue Reading

PepsiCo’s Launch of Organic Gatorade Is a Fit of ‘Good For You’ Madness

In the year 2015, the popularity of “all-natural” and “organic” hit an all-time high. And now brands are jumping on board, including PepsiCo. According to a new report, PepsiCo plans to launch an organic version of Gatorade in 2016. Gatorade is by… Continue Reading

California Supreme Court Approves Organic Labeling Lawsuits

A recent ruling by the state Supreme Court of California allows consumers to file lawsuits “alleging products are falsely labeled ‘organic’.” This new ruling overturns a previous decision by a lower court. In the unanimous decision Associate Justice Kathryn Werdegar wrote “state… Continue Reading

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